Amp Overview

Aginity Amp Overview

Build Your Analytics Once – Use Everywhere.
Reusable Analytics for Every Application Enterprise-wide.

Aginity transforms the way world-leading companies compete on analytics. Aginity Amp software creates, catalogs and manages all analytics (analytic logic and data) as assets. Uniquely, Amp registers analytic assets in a central catalog, enabling organizations to:

  • Reuse analytic assets for every application enterprise-wide
  • Apply any cataloged calculation to existing data infrastructure
  • Rapidly adopt new data sources into their analytics environments
  • Publish analytic calculations to any other application or system

Amp Delivers Value

Amp users obtain value at each stage of the analytics lifecycle. Results include:

  • 50-75% increase in data scientist and analyst productivity
  • Up to 90% reduction in analytics-related operational costs
  • 10x-100x efficiency through analytic reuse
  • Consistent analytic logic across users, applications and geographies