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Consumer Big Data Opportunities in Healthcare

  • August 11, 2014 /
  • by Jeffrey Grossman /
  • analytics, big data, consumer, consumer-centric, data, healthcare, Healthcare Analytics, Healthcare consumers, healthcare marketing, marketing /
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In a recent article, “Is Big Data Paralyzing Healthcare?”, Akanksha Jayanthi presents a good summary of the challenge Big Data and Analytics present for healthcare in the post-reform consumer age.  As I read his main points, summarized below, it called to mind many of the recent conversations we’ve been having here at Aginity with analysts and marketers across healthcare
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Analytics Maturity Model

Last Thursday, we co-hosted a consumer-centric webinar for healthcare marketers with Covalent Marketing. During the presentation, we shared an analytics maturity assessment that you can use to gage your organization’s current marketing analytics capabilities.  As promised, we have made this assessment available for you to download and complete at your convenience. To get started, simply click
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