Workbench Overview

Aginity Workbench

Enhancing. Efficient. Free.
Aginity Workbench

Originally created by Aginity software developers for their own productivity enhancement, Aginity Workbench now enables the world’s top companies to work faster, easier, and more efficiently—for free!

Workbench is an easy-to-use application that enhances performance and creates efficiencies when working with your MPP data warehouse. Consider it your toolset for making data management and navigation easier, providing a powerful set of GUI-based tools for developers, DBAs, and data analysts.

Workbench makes it easy to:

  • Focus on your MPP database
  • Create, manage, and track individual SQL queries and entire database schemas
  • Maximize productivity
  • Connect to MPP databases
  • Write and execute SQL queries and stored procedures
  • View data distribution
  • Perform DDL
  • Compare schemas
  • Import and export table data
  • And much more

As a free, standalone application, Aginity Workbench boasts over 60,000 users including:

Built by Data Experts
Workbench Editions

Workbench was born out of Aginity’s deep expertise in advanced data warehouse appliances, MPP solutions, and MPP system implementations. When it comes to data, we know what we’re doing—let Workbench make it easy for you to say the same.

Aginity Workbench editions include: