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Connect Aginity Workbench to your favorite MPP database and see the entire schema.

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Create, manage, and track individual SQL queries and statements.

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Import and export table data to use in your favorite data science tools.

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Your toolset for making data management and navigation easier, providing a powerful set 
of GUI-based tools for developers, DBAs, and data analysts.
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Aginity Workbench for Spark SQL allows users to easily take advantage of Spark’s powerful in-memory data processing for your ad-hoc SQL queries.
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Aginity Workbench for Redshift brings greater access to your data faster than any other Redshift tool. Redshift adopt is now a breeze.
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Aginity Workbench for Hive allows users to interact with Hadoop through Hive, Spark SQL, or IBM’s Big SQL. 
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Aginity Workbench offers a simple and efficient method to managing a Greenplum database. With a wide range of Greenplum functions, it will be your go to tool.
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Aginity Pro for Snowflake coming soon! 
With Aginity Pro for Snowflake, get all of the benefits of Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud. 
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Aginity Workbench leverages IBM DB2's analytic powerhouse technology to deliver your the results you need quickly in an easy to use tool.
IBM PureData for Analytics (formerly Netezza)
Aginity Workbench for IBM PDA / Netezza delivers a range of powerful capabilities to make managing your data warehouse more efficient with less of an effort.
Share Your Work Outside Workbench
Is your team ready for a full enterprise analytic solution?  Aginity Amp takes Workbench to the next level.
With Amp, you can easily reuse, share and operationalize your analytics with your entire enterprise.
Analytics Management

Workbench to Amp

Ever wanted to share your Workbench work with other people in your company? Reuse Workbench work someone else did so you don