Active Analytics Catalog

You re-write a lot of code.  We thought that was a little silly.
So we built killer feature, just for you, to easily reuse your code.

The Personal and Team
Analytic Code Catalog

Stop rewriting the same code over and over again and start reusing it

We heard and saw it time and time gain, our clients kept re-coding their analytics, primarily SQL, over and over.  So we set out to solve this challenge by helping analytic coders discover, share and most importantly re-use their code rather than rewrite it.  And this is where the analytic catalog was born.

The active analytic catalog is a place where teams and individual coders can write, save and organize their analytic code.  When saving code to their catalog, developers can put a title, description and other metadata around their code so it’s easy to understand the intent and context of what the code is trying to do.  All of the analytic code can then be shared with teammates by providing either view or edit access.  

The most powerful part our catalog is that it’s active.  Every object saved in the catalog is an object that can be referenced in the code editor for execution with pretty simple syntax.

All of this leads to less time rewriting code and more time reusing it, leading up to 25% improvements in productivity.

On-board New
Team Members, Faster

Cut training time by 25 to 30%
with easy to understand analytics

When analysts first join a new analytic team they spend hours of time trying to understand and get up to speed with the team’s analytic assets. 

How do we calculate sales?  What do transaction types do we include or exclude?  Is there any specific functions or code snippets we use over and over again?  In short, do we have a repository of code that’s easy to understand?  Unfortunately, most of the time, the answers to these questions is NO!

Using the active analytics catalog, our customers are making this easy.  Aginity provides teams the ability to save and reuse code easily with rich titles and descriptions that describe what each piece of analytic code is trying to accomplish.  And all of this metadata as well as the code is searchable.  Best of all, new analysts can easily reference the code as objects in the code editor and put it to use immediately.

Teams using Aginity Premium are seeing huge results when onboarding new team members.  On average, they’re estimating it takes 30% less time for an new analysts to get up to speed and start providing value to the team.

Higher Quality,
More Consistency

Get 3 hours of your day back – stop reconciling analytic inconsistencies

When is the last time you sat in a meeting trying to reconcile the difference between two numbers?  The definitions and calculations were supposed to represent the same measure, but something wasn’t adding up correctly.  What went wrong?  One of two things likely happened:

  1. Two different analysts coded the analytics:  It’s inevitable, when two different analysts try to code the same analytic they normally end up with slightly different results.
  2. The analyst had to recreate the analysis: This happens more often than we’d like to admit.  Analysts don’t always save their work or they can’t easily find it.  So, they end up trying to recreate the analysis they did before, and the answer comes out different.

In both examples, the result is inconsistent results and lower trust or quality in the numbers, even if just perceived.

Aginity’s Active Analytic catalog solves these challenges.  By saving the analysis directly in the tool analysts use as part of their workflow, they can always find the code they used for each analysis they do.  And by sharing work with their team, everyone can use the same consistent analytic definitions.

Team’s leveraging the active analytic catalog are getting several hours of their life back spending less time reconciling analytics, 3 hours on average.  

Test and Foster
More Innovation

Free up time for your most skilled analysts to explore new ideas to drive business results

Analysts want to do more than just re-code something for the 20th time, they want to manage these “analytic assets” and move on quickly to the next challenge. Aginity’s active analytic catalog removes the friction and waste in data and analytics management allowing analysts to quickly generate insights and ask “what’s next?”  Aginity users are now spending more time innovating and finding new ways to test and deliver business results faster.  This little edge could be the difference in your team making its number or not.

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