Analytics Trends Report:
The Future of Analytics is Collaborative

Centralized analytics moves too slowly to respond to ever-evolving business demands.  Analysts end up going it alone, creating disconnected data silos representing hundreds of versions of the truth.

Discrepancies in results erode analytic confidence and will delay — or worse, misguide — key business decisions.   

Top-down analytics was formerly the only option.  The old world of expensive, fixed server architecture demanded it.  Not anymore.  The technology has evolved.  The analytics function must now catch up to realize the benefits of this new data mesh architecture.

This to-the-point analytics trends report uncovers insights such as:

  • The essential elements of a shared analytics repository
  • How central analytics can transition to a support function
  • A redefined role for the data architect

Download the report now to explore the future of analytics, which is decentralized, empowered… and collaborative.