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Aginity June 2021 Update Release (v21.6) Now Available

Aginity's June 2021 update release, version 21.6, is now available.  This update includes a helpful enhancement to our results grid,  improvements to our data upload wizard, extended database object support for Greenplum, plus a strong new feature specific to Aginity Premium and Enterprise. View the video overview

Note that we’ve changed our version numbering to [year.month.build number] to better reflect the regular cadence of our release cycle.

Before diving into the new features and enhancements in this release, here’s a brief rundown of distinctions between the three editions of Aginity.

  • Aginity Pro is our highly functional SQL Management software for individual analysts.  A few features which set Aginity Pro apart from other SQL tools include our deep database object support, data upload, and the ability to search through your entire SQL history.
  • Aginity Premium introduces some beefy capabilities such as pivoting and charting query results, code versioning, and, most significantly, a shared analytics catalog with granular permissions to connect data engineers and analysts and empower curated, collaborative analytics within teams and enterprises.
  • Our Enterprise edition combines the collaborative power of Premium with specialized IT management capabilities such as single sign-on and unlimited scaling.

Aginity Pro is available for download on both Windows and MacOS; Aginity Premium is available as a single instance web deployment; and Aginity Enterprise accommodates scaled cloud deployment.

Alright, let’s get to it!

Results Grid – Navigate to Column

Data review often involves the painstaking process of horizontal scrolling across scores of columns.  How often have you reached the last column only to realize inadvertently scrolled past the one column you were looking for.  Super frustrating, huh?

In the “making your life easier” category, you can now instantly navigate directly to any column in the query results grid.  Just click the Column List button and start typing part of the column name. Click the corresponding arrow to immediately scroll to the desired column.

It’s the simple things, right?

Data Upload / Insert Enhancements

The next updates relate to our popular bulk data load and data insert capabilities.  We’ve made our data load and insert wizards more robust to account for common data idiosyncrasies within CSV and Excel files.  You now have options for handling nulls, empty cells, and blank values, along with better automatic column labeling when no header row is present.

Even more exciting than nulls and blank headers, we also included a big enhancement, literally.  Our data insert row limit has been increased from a max of 50,000 rows to… wait for it… unlimited rows!  Though we now recommend batches of 100,000 rows or less, you’re an adult and now have the tools to push the envelope as far as you desire.  Just be prepared to wait.  An insert statement is generated and executed for each row of data, with speed and performance dependent on your core platform.  Grab a bite to eat or take a guilt-free mid-day walk.

Greenplum Database Object Coverage

Onto our ever-deepening database coverage.  The previous Aginity release added Greenplum to the list of database platforms supported by our Data Insert Wizard.  This release strengthens our Greenplum support even further, with database object visibility now extending beyond standard tables and columns to also encompass:

  • System Tables
  • System Views
  • System Data Types
  • Materialized Views
  • Indexes

Scheduling (Aginity Premium & Enterprise)

The next update involves a major new feature only available within Aginity Premium and Enterprise: Scheduling.   You can now automate any SQL you save in the Aginity catalog, like queries to refresh data for views or data transformations, helping you be more productive by automating your critical repetitive tasks.  Suffice it to say, this is a game changer for collaborative analytic pipelines.

Migrating from Aginity Pro to Premium or Enterprise

Have I piqued your interest in Aginity Premium?  As if Premium’s collaborative analytics capabilities weren’t reason enough to make the switch from Aginity Pro to Premium, our new Scheduling functionality is mighty compelling.  This brings us the final update now available in the Aginity Pro: a one-click wizard to automatically migrate your workspace from Aginity Pro to Premium or Enterprise.  Hit the ground running with all your connections, preferences, key-bindings, personal catalog entries, and SQL history.

Visit our Aginity product edition comparison page to request a demo of Aginity Premium.  You’ll also find a link to download your free trial of Aginity Pro.

Until next time…. Query on!

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