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Aginity Pro April/May 2021 Update Release (v35) Now Available

Aginity Pro update release 35 is now available for download on MacOS and Windows. In addition to extending our Data Insert Wizard capabilities to another database platform, we’ve added support for a legacy version of Microsoft SQL Server, three new authentication types for Amazon Redshift, and some helpful UI improvements to the connections screen. View demo video.

Database Connection Screen

The first update, though minor, takes a lot of the stress out of setting up a new connection.  Analysts oftentimes have limited database connection info on hand.  The new connection screen can feel overwhelming when you don’t know much beyond your username and password.

The good news is that not every field is required.  Starting in version 35, we’ll now let you know which specific fields are required for each connection so you can quickly get connected and get querying.

Not sure if you’ve entered the right connection info?  Clicking the “Test” button at the bottom will now present an affirming green checkmark for extra confirmation when you’ve successfully connected and are good to go.

New Authentication Types for Amazon Redshift

Many enterprises employ database authentication methods which goes beyond the standard username & password, such as single-sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

When that’s the case, it becomes irrelevant whether or not Aginity officially supports a given database if we don’t also honor the security requirements defined by your organization.  That’s why we’re always listening to our users and are proud to lead the pack in authentication options.

In the latest release we’ve added support for three additional types of authentication for connecting to Amazon Redshift:

  • Okta MFA
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory MFA
  • PingFederate MFA
Here are all the authentication methods now supported for Amazon Redshift:

MSSQL 2016 Support

Onto Microsoft SQL Server now, one of the most popular database engines around.  We’ve previously supported the two most recent versions, SQL Server 2017 and 2019, but we’ve heard from a number of users who still need to connect to an older legacy version.

If this is you, get ready to connect, because we listened and have expanded our SQL Server integration to also include support Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

Greenplum Data Insert

Greenplum is now among the growing list of databases supported by Aginity’s Data Insert Wizard which empowers analysts to insert up to 50,000 rows at a time into a new or existing table from an Excel or CSV file.

Six major database platforms can now utilize our template-driven, file-to-native-SQL capabilities: DB2, Hive, Netezza, Postgres, Redshift, and now Greenplum.  Even more database platforms are in the works.


Our April/May 2021 release also includes a handful of bug fixes and application performance improvements.

Until next time…. Query on!

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