Aginity Pro March 2021 Update Release (v34) Now Available

Our latest release of Aginity Pro, v34, is now available for both MacOS and Windows. This update includes deeper integration with Amazon Redshift, Cross-Database Autocomplete, and some just-right UI improvements.

This release extends our deep integration with Amazon Redshift even more, with updates to authentication, data insert, and cross-database querying.

New Amazon Redshift Authentication Method

Firstly, we’ve added an additional authentication method for Amazon Redshift: Azure Active Directory Federated Services Authorization. (view demo)

We continue building additional authentication methods our users crucially need.  If something your organization uses is missing – let us know!

Amazon Redshift Data Insert

Secondly, our Data Insert Wizard is now available for Amazon Redshift.  This makes five database platforms which can now utilize our template-driven, file-to-native-SQL capabilities: DB2, Hive, Netezza, Postgres, and now Redshift.  See our last update video for a demo of our powerful data insert capabilities. (view demo)

Keep in mind that this capability is in addition to our existing Bulk Load integration which is available for both Amazon Redshift and Snowflake. The difference here is that Bulk Load doesn’t impose any max row limitation, but requires your data pass through an intermediary authenticated connection to S3 or Azure Blob Storage.  Our Data Insert Wizard, on the other hand, streamlines this process with direct data insert for up to 50,000 rows.

Cross-Database Autocomplete

One final release update also affects Amazon Redshift: cross-database autocomplete.  Amazon announced support for cross-database queries in Redshift late last year.  Our typeahead autocomplete is now able to peer beyond the database and schema defined in the current query connection.  Once Aginity indexes your databases, which is accomplished by simply opening them up in the database object tree, cross-database autocomplete becomes available for database, schema, and object paths.

Amazon Redshift Data Sharing

Our new cross-database autocomplete is also useful when implementing Data Sharing in Amazon Redshift.  Amazon just announced the general availability of Amazon Redshift Data Sharing, which allows you to security share live data across clusters, without the need to copy or move your data.  Aginity has supported this capability since Amazon Redshift’s preview release of Data Sharing late last year.  With our deep integration, Aginity users can explore their Amazon Redshift data shares as first-class entities in the database object tree.

UI Improvements

We’ve designed the Aginity interface to get out of the way. Our priority-focus code editor window takes center stage so you can be productive, surfacing powerful functionality just when you need – whether through our quick-access Command Pallet or through editable keyboard shortcuts which are available for just about any action.  We’re pretty cautious and thoughtful before making any changes which could distract your flow.

That said, after installing the latest Aginity Pro release, you’ll likely notice some minor graphical updates along the sides.  We’ve made the core functional areas of our app easier to visually locate by adding relevant icons, some color, and arrow indicators showing the current opened or closed state of the expandable area. As an example, our Discovery Assistant now sports a magnifying glass icon, making it immediately apparent that this is where you should go to uncover SQL code for re-use. (view demo)

We’ve also added new tooltips to the Connections screen, along with a direct link to our full documentation at the top of this screen.

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Our March 2021 release also includes over 15 bug fixes and application performance improvements.  This includes the ability to directly close transposed grid tabs, backwards compatibility of data upload templates from previous versions of Aginity Pro, and fixing horizontal scroll visibility within a tab.

This release freshly showcases how Aginity empowers collaborative analytics within your enterprise SQL community.  Not yet a user? Download Aginity Pro. It’s completely free for up to five users at your company.

Until next time…. Query on!

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