Aginity Pro v33 Release Overview

Aginity Pro v33 is now available! New features include extended support for Data Insert, Database filtering, support for Snowflake external tables, hover overlay on table names, and our new Transpose Grid.

Data Insert

Aginity Pro already supports Bulk Load into Redshift and Snowflake using their platform-specific protocols.  This method, however, requires an intermediate connection to S3 or Azure Blog Storage.  To streamline this process, in our previous release we rolled out a native SQL data insert wizard for DB2.  With our v33 release expands this functionality to three additional platforms — Netezza, Hive, and Postgress — with support for up to 50,000 rows per batch. (view demo)

Database Filtering

When connecting to multiple database platforms with dozens of databases, navigating around the Database Explorer can get overwhelming.  With so many objects available, the ability to expand and collapse connections and schemas only helps so much.  No worries, now you can now use the new database filtering capability to create, save, apply, and edit any number of named database filters relevant to your particular needs. (view demo)

Snowflake External Tables

Aginity Pro now supports Snowflake External Tables, a capability which itself just recently went GA within Snowflake.  Not only can you use Aginity Pro to create and query External Tables in Snowflake (according to process they’ve laid out in their documentation), Aginity Pro also offers more visibility into External Tables than is presently even offered within Snowflake’s own interface!  Snowflake External Tables are visible directly within our Database Explorer right alongside all of your other database objects.

Hover for Table Details

We’ve added hover overlay support on table names within the code editor window.  Hover over any table name in the editor to see column metadata.  A quick little trick for very useful information! (view demo)

Transpose Grid

Tired of scrolling left to right to view a row of data within what feels like an infinite number of columns?  Wish you could instead review all of your column values scrolling top to bottom?  Well, now you can click our new Transpose Results action button to open up a new result tab with columns as rows, and rows as columns.  This is one of the most awaited features among our power users.  Enjoy! (view demo)

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Aginity Pro v33 also includes 15+ bug fixes and application performance improvements, including:

  • DB2 support for additional data types in DDL – Codeunits and Octets
  • Redshift Explorer fails on Spectrum external schema
  • Data Insert columns will be by default nullable
  • Remove trailing spaces in connection
  • Problems connecting to Snowflake with new driver are fixed

Until next time…. Query on!


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