Aginity Premium + Microsoft SQL Server Drives New Product Growth

It’s been an unprecedented year of growth for us at Aginity. With the recent launch of our two next-generation solutions Pro and Premium, we’ve got tens of thousands of individuals and enterprises depending on our products in their everyday workflow.

That kind of scale means we needed a tool to manage customer life cycle processes; like most companies, we turned to Salesforce to help operationalize our marketing, sales, and support processes. But we quickly found that Salesforce alone wasn’t able to produce the analytic insights we needed to make all our decisions.

As you’ve likely experienced, loading all business data into Salesforce database objects for analysis can be a long and burdensome process. So, we were in pursuit of a data platform that could replicate our existing Salesforce data—and then merge it with other relevant data streams. We soon landed on Microsoft SQL Server for several compelling reasons, namely its marketplace of integrations and the cost versus performance curve. 

Adopting SQL Server transformed what was possible in our operations. For instance, we now have the capacity to query customer records and view full historical customer profiles, which shapes the decisions we make to drive growth and provide support. 

In fact, the added value was so significant, Aginity made the decision to start supporting SQL Server in our product lineup in Q2 2019. We wanted our joint customers, including those who have long managed their data on SQL Server, to be empowered toward analytic management using Aginity tools like Pro and Premium. 

Our products make every line of SQL you write easily searchable, reusable, and shareable in an “Active Catalog”; combined with the dynamic architecture of SQL Server, we were able to boost query performance and enable the sophisticated data science work necessary to drive further business growth for our customers.

For instance, as our executives demanded more insights and data about our users and how they were leveraging our SQL products, even our own small group of analysts found themselves repeating prior work or producing different KPIs and statistics about active users, their companies, and the product features they were leveraging or the effectiveness of our direct marketing and product announcements.  

We solved this exactly how we advise our users today, by building several cataloged assets of reusable SQL in our collaborative product, Aginity Premium; those SQL snippets serve as foundational analytic assets from which our team of analysts can reuse business logic, without repeating effort or creating conflicting numbers.  Users can easily see the context of each piece of SQL via titles and descriptions—which can now be seamlessly reused and executed upon in their coding efforts. 

Ultimately, this codified and accessible set of analytic “building blocks” that Aginity captures becomes the foundation of business intelligence reporting, marketing initiatives, higher-end analysis, and ad-hoc answers. The enhanced, streamlined, and more consistent query performance afforded by our support for SQL Server empowers better business decision-making—unlocking another level of business growth enterprises need for a competitive edge.

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