We’ve undertaken an ambitious mission: to reimagine and transform what’s possible in analytics management.
Active Analytic Catalog

That’s why we decided to roll out two game-changing products that bulldoze through the previous boundaries of SQL: Aginity Pro and Aginity Premium

Before this big debut, it had been 15 years since the last massive innovation in SQL tools—that’s 15 years of stagnancy as the world of data became increasingly sophisticated and exciting. So, we stepped up where we saw a need and crafted these products with the core beliefs that:

  • Every line of SQL you write is valuable to someone else—and should therefore be searchable, shareable, and reusable. 
  • It’s all about SQL! Having a proper analytic foundation is the key to driving business growth and operationalizing AI and ML. 

And so far, the response has been overwhelming—the numbers don’t lie. Right now, Aginity is the SQL tool of choice for more than 3,000 large companies, including one-third of the Fortune 100. Aginity Pro, which has only been out since June, has attracted 1,600 companies (and counting).

We’re even more excited about the relationships we’ve built with industry giants, like Microsoft (Azure, SQL Server), Amazon (Redshift), and Greenplum, who have sought our support for their forward-thinking software. We’ve also partnered with Snowflake, a major cloud-based data warehouse. 

All of these leaders recognize the critical value of a trusted analytic layer in driving business growth—and that Aginity’s next-gen products are the ideal tool to operationalize their analytic logic. 

What sets us apart from these high-performing enterprises? Well, as pioneers in the SQL space, there’s a host of unique advantages our customers enjoy, such as our execution power: Users can refer directly back to—and edit, share, or reuse—their previous assets without the burden of importing or exporting. We also provide meaningful context, so anyone within an organization can pick up any snippet of SQL and instantly understand its value without running it. That’s because the author can assign a title, descriptions, and metadata to the assets they create. At every step of the workflow, the value of one’s code is preserved and seamlessly picked up by others. 

We perfectly understand the pain-points of analytic governance and our products do everything possible to minimize them on an organization-wide level. In such a transformative time in analytics, we’re excited to see how Aginity will grow alongside its customers, collaborators, and partners. We’re expecting more partnerships and exciting growth in the coming months—stay tuned.

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