Happy Birthday, Aginity Team!
(Let’s Get Smarter Together)

We’ve been working on it for months. We’ve pulled a few (OK, more than few) late, pizza-fueled nights at the office. And today, we’re thrilled to say:
Aginity Team

Now available for download, Aginity Team helps your SQL teams work as one by effortlessly sharing and reusing code via our active, collaborative SQL catalog—improving productivity and helping your analytics drive faster innovation and business results. 

Here’s a nice way of thinking about it: “Slack for SQL analysts developers.” (Imagine being able to call up code and send it to multiple people as easily as you can in Slack. No more emailing, cutting and pasting, or texting your code. Our shared SQL repository stores it all for you). 

Aginity Team builds on a philosophy we’ve developed over our entire time in the enterprise data space: Every piece of code belonging to one team member holds value for someone else in the organization—and should be simple to retrieve, recreate, and reuse.

Again and again over the years, we’ve seen enterprises forced to recode and rewrite their math, which leads to duplicated work, diverging analytics, overly inconsistent—and harm to the bottom line. 

So we set out to change the industry and the paradigm for how to write and reuse SQL. Our first offering, Aginity Workbench, allowed SQL analysts a fully robust tool to build out SQL code. We followed up Workbench with Aginity Pro, a next-generation SQL tool for the individual user. 

Now, Team helps you scale Pro’s SQL functions across your entire organization, making every line of your SQL visible, accessible, and reusable to others via our active analytics catalog.  

With Team, your SQL teams, whether data scientists, analysts, engineers, or business users, can now work as one, leveraging each other’s work and getting smarter together. You’ll also find it easier to onboard new team members, regroup after team members depart, safeguard company knowledge, and operationalize your data for better business results—faster.

In our beta testing, we’ve been thrilled by the response from analysts and developers alike. And starting today, we’re ready to share Team with you. 

Ready to start collaborating and improving your team’s productivity? Download Aginity Team now. We’ll be standing by at support@aginity.com to answer any questions you have.

(Stay tuned to our blog and social channels—in the coming weeks, we’ll be going in-depth on what makes Aginity Team the best tool out there for SQL teams to share, reuse, and combine their code. And in the spirit of Team, OUR team will be ready to help: we’ll provide best practices, strategy and training, and check in on you to make sure you’re getting the best value out of your Team subscription. Stay tuned!)

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