Netezza Users,
We Don’t Have to Part Ways

If the retirement of Netezza has you floundering, we’ve got at least one point of consolation: this doesn’t mean you have to part ways with Aginity! In addition to supporting IBM’s next generation database offerings with support coming out this year, Aginity already enables your SQL query and development workloads on 10 different databases (and counting), including cloud specialists like Azure Data Warehouse and Amazon Redshift.

Take a look below to see some of the industry-leading data platforms users are connecting to Aginity Pro and Aginity Premium

Azure Data Warehouse: A fully managed cloud data warehouse that enables breakneck query performance and top-of-the-line data security. Users are able to prioritize their workloads by elastically scaling their resources in minutes, leveraging unlimited storage, and automating administration. Another key advantage is the ability to integrate other Azure or Microsoft analytic solutions. 

Snowflake: Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud (available on AWS and Azure), allows users to easily scale and deploy configurations at top cloud providers. Its adaptive optimization automatically sets all queries to the best performance possible. Snowflake accommodates both structured and semi-structured data, all of which is controlled through highly secure multi-factor authentication.

Redshift: Redshift is a fully managed petabyte-scale, simple and fast data warehouse service in the cloud. Easy to configure, manage, and extend, Redshift is a great platform to accelerate your analytic insights.  Access a vast library of advanced analytical functions and leverage its tight integration with S3 via Redshift Spectrum to easily query data in S3 buckets using the ANSI SQL syntax you already know. 

Greenplum: Greenplum is outfitted to manage large-scale analytic data warehouses and business intelligence workloads leveraging Postgres. The infrastructure-agnostic database is ideal for analyzing a broad set of data types in a single environment. Users are empowered to execute point queries, save time with lightning-fast data ingestion, and perform deep-dives in data exploration. 

Surprised to hear that Aginity is already supporting users on all of these platforms? Well, our unique SQL tools unlock another level of productivity and collaborative ease for all joint customers—you’ll never have to rewrite another query again, because we make your SQL easily searchable, shareable, and reusable across your team, no matter which data platform you choose.  All of this is available through Aginity’s active analytics catalog, where you can name and reference saved SQL snippets and queries in the code editor and Aginity understands how to interpret and execute the underlying SQL of that object. This drastically accelerates your development and query time and ensures you and your SQL peers are all in sync.

By capturing your “best practice” SQL as a true managed “asset”, Aginity creates a trusted analytic foundation that all your SQL users contribute and benefit from. Our customers find this absolutely essential to operationalizing larger AI and ML pursuits—and ultimately, to driving business growth. Collaborating users are empowered to curate their analytic logic at each point of their workflow, with the ability to re-use all previous SQL (easily searchable with rich titles and descriptions) and simplifies maintainability by propagating changes across similar queries with minimal effort. That level of analytic consistency not only boosts the team’s efficiency, but saves enterprises from unnecessary revenue, cost, and legal risks. 

The true power of analytics isn’t found in the raw data but in what your users do with it… in their business/SQL logic.  And as you consider your next-generation after Netezza, know that Aginity’s next-generation offering is there for your users as both a familiar brand and an industry-shaping innovation to elevate you to the next level of analytic maturity.

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