Welcome to Aginity Academy
(Summer School is In)

Anyone who works with code knows that learning doesn’t stop when school’s out—it continues every single day. (Even on luxurious summer days!)
Summer Scool

With the release of Aginity Premium, we’ve backed up our belief that when teams commit to sharing knowledge and brainpower, they get stronger and smarter together. That’s why, on top of releasing the only collaborative SQL tool for teams, we’re sharing even more of what we know by creating Aginity SQL Academy. 

We put together Aginity Academy and its FREE lessons for the SQL user who already has the basics down, but is interested in deepening their knowledge. That said, we know you may not have a computer science degree or remember all your high school math and science, so we’re keeping our lessons focused on practical tools to add to your toolbox right now. (They’ll also help you make deeper, richer use of the Aginity programs you’re running right now, whether you’re a Workbench fanatic, a Pro loyalist, or a new Premium adopter).

We know that SQL is used differently across organizations: departments come to the table with different skill sets and needs. Some of you are more interested in architecture, infrastructure, and languages; some in cleansing your existing data and making it more reliable; some in extracting the richest possible story from your data. And like all good teachers, we don’t want to play favorites. 

That’s why we’re pre-emptively cooling all inter-departmental feuds by tailoring our first two sets of free Aginity SQL Academy lessons specifically for Data Engineers and Data Analysts. Engineers, we’re starting you off with some neat Redshift utilities and tips to generate SQL. Analysts, you’ll be getting a little deeper into the math behind the data (but you already knew that). We do encourage taking a look at lessons from other disciplines—it’s never a bad idea to understand the concepts behind other kinds of data work.

We’ve had a blast putting together these first two sets of SQL lessons for you, and we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks and months. Best of all, they’re completely free and you can do them at home—or even by the pool. 

Check out Aginity’s SQL Academy now.

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