Collaborative Analytics Catalog

Increases SQL team efficiency by 30%+

Connect your data engineers and analysts with the power to discover, reuse, and schedule your curated analytic assets.


With Aginity’s Discovery Assistant, users can quickly locate the right database object or uncover code for for re-use, either from their own SQL history or from others saved within your shared Catalog.

  • Search Full SQL History

    Stop rewiring common queries and transformations. Find your gems & save to the catalog for increased efficiency.

  • Premium
    Find Shared Assets

    Tap into the power of collaborative analytics. Quickly search through your organization's shared SQL catalog by asset title, description, and code content.

  • Locate Database Objects

    Use the Discovery Assistant to locate and navigate to database objects among schemas, tables, views, etc.

Consistency & Reuse

Aginity users love the ability to quickly insert business logic, adjust parameters, and reuse curated (and dynamically updated) SQL with just a few keystrokes.

  • Object-Referenced Catalog

    Reference catalog entries as modularized objects in the code editor to ensure execution of the latest version.

  • Variable Code Parameters

    Extend the usefulness of complex queries across skill levels with editable parameters defined at run time.

  • Premium
    Scheduled Queries

    Automate critical business processes and reporting functions with scheduled queries and data transformations.

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Governance & Curation

Using an intuitive security layer, users can prototype SQL in their own workspaces using their own credentials. Analytic stewards can then promote the most useful, efficient assets to your wider analyst community.

  • Premium
    Inherit Org Permissions

    Sync user deployment and sharing groups with your organizational directory for seamless rollout and intuitive sharing.

  • Premium
    Role-Based Sharing

    Grant individual users or teams access to shared catalog folders with co-owner, editor, or view-only role permissions.

  • History & Versioning

    Maintain an audit trail of all changes to catalog entries with version comparison & rollback -- no git learning curve required!

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Reuse your SQL. Don't recode it.

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Share your team's SQL.

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