Deep Database Support

One platform for all your datastores

Securely connect to your data with deep, industry-leading database object integration.

Database Explorer

Our database platform connections go well beyond ticking checkboxes.  With support for multiple authentication methods and database object visibility, often exceeding that of native platform interfaces, it’s easy to understand why Aginity is the premier software for enterprise analytics.

  • Premium
    Connection Templates

    Simplify analyst onboarding with centrally defined, preconfigured database connection templates specifying the proper driver, host, authentication method, etc... everything except username & password.

  • Broad Object Visibility

    Enjoy connected visibility for objects such as external tables, system tables & views, data shares, and ML models.

  • Scripts & Data Review

    Bypass the tedium of writing out common queries (select, update, insert, DDL, etc.) by utilizing pre-written scripts tailored to each database object. Push directly to the query editor for execution.

Data Upload

Whether for ad hoc data review or ongoing analysis within a new or existing table, analysts love the power of our bulk load and data insert wizards to quickly and reliably load data from CSV or Excel files.

  • Bulk Load

    Our bulk load wizard connects to your secure cloud object storage account (Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage) to leverage native data loading capabilities supported by RedShift and Snowflake.

  • Data Insert

    Our data insert wizard lets you upload an unlimited number of rows from your CSV or Excel file to supported database platforms

  • Load & Insert Templates

    Bypass frustrating busywork by saving any load and insert wizard configuration as a custom template to pre-fill all options such as date format, column inclusion, data types, and target table action.

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Database Platform Support

Connect to today’s modern cloud and on-premise databases, with deep native support for:

Generic JDBC Connection Support:

Any JDBC-Supported Database

Reuse Your Code. Empower Your Team.

Aginity Pro

Reuse your SQL. Don't recode it.

Aginity Premium

Share your team's SQL.

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Built with your role in mind

SQL Analysts

Use your SQL in a whole new way

Save queries, relationships, and snippets once for reuse in SQL statements. Find previous work in query history or your catalog. Describe code with rich titles and descriptions help you remember why you wrote it in the first place.

Data Engineers

Maintain your data warehouse 

Create data models and schemas. Analyze data across database platforms. Reuse—don’t recode—your common SQL logic.

Business Analysts

Produce consistent reports quickly

Spend less time rewriting SQL and more time reusing it. Define, document, and save common analytics in your personal catalog. Efficiently re-run analysis and reports with consistent results.

Data Scientists

Spend less time data wrangling

Develop reusable features to train machine learning models. Create flexible commonly used data cleansing SQL. Use your SQL as objects to make complicated queries more simple.

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