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VMware Tanzu Greenplum

Analyze data from Greenplum with Aginity’s unique SQL tools.

The Parallel Postgres Database for Enterprises

Greenplum runs anywhere — on-premesis, public and private cloud, or within modern containers such as Kubernetes. Rapidly create and deploy models for complex database applications in areas such as cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, risk management, and fraud detection.

  • Flexible, cloud-agnostic deployment options
  • Easily handles both streaming and cloud data
  • Superb uptime with high availability, intelligent fault detection, and fast online differential recovery

Aginity Extends Greenplum

Faster Way to Write Your SQL

Quickly insert business logic, adjust parameters, and reuse curated (and dynamically updated) code with Aginity’s powerful SQL query editor.

Find Your Greenplum Assets

Easily discover assets from your full SQL query history, analytics catalog, or among Aginity’s broad database visibility into Greenplum objects.

Automate with Scheduled Queries

Promote analytic consistency by transforming your data on schedule to serve critical business processes and reporting functions.

Collaborate with Your Team

Run, reference, and reuse curated analytic assets within Aginity’s shared analytics catalog, executable directly within your workflow.

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Aginity Pro

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Aginity Greenplum Catalogs

Import our Greenplum administrative query and data engineering catalogs from Github into Aginity, giving you instant access to useful SQL utilities, queries and snippets.