Tools Menu

The Tools menu allows you to access a variety of capabilities offered by the Aginity Workbench application.

The following is a list of all the commands that you can access using the Tools menu:

Command Description
SQL Dump Runner Use this command to open a SQL file and run each of the queries in the Debug mode. In contrast with the Query Analyzer that uses a new connection for every SQL execution, the SQL Dump Runner keeps an open connection to database thus enabling you to see the content of intermediate temporary tables created by the script.
Reverse-Engineer Database Use this command to perform an operation similar to the one launched by the Script Database command. Unlike with the Script Database command, you must provide the connection details for the database that you want to reverse-engineer.
Compare Schemas Use this command to launch an easy-to-use GUI tool that allows you to effortlessly compare two database schemas and quickly generate delta SQL scripts to synchronize their structures.
Load Testing Allows you to perform load testing on your database, as well as load and compare results.
SSH Terminal Displays a new window that allows you to connect to the SSH terminal.
File Shells
Import Allows uploading data to the database. For details on this functionality, refer to Importing Data into the Database.
File Utilities Allows converting a file to the CSV format, reformatting a txt file, and changing the character encoding and line endings.
Workbench Command Line Builder Enables you to create a new command line file or edit an existing one in the Aginity Workbench Command Line Builder.
Options Allows complete customization of the interface via the Application Options dialog box.

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