Application Options Dialog Box

The Application Options functionality consists of the following option-related sections.

The options selected for a specific query override the application options.

Section Description
General Allows you to set the default query time, adjust the number of the files displayed on the Most Recently Used menus, and switch on or off the Connection pooling functionality.
Fonts and Colors Allows you to customize the appearance of the SQL Editor and syntax highlighting.
Allows you to select the type of files to be opened when they are double-clicked in Windows Explorer.
Provides options for managing cached SSH credentials.
Diff Tool Allows using an external file diff tool, configured using the Tools/Options functionality, for comparison purposes. There are several file diff tools supported.
Query Analyzer Defaults Allows you to modify the Query Analyzer settings, number of results returned by a query. Enables syntax highlighting, and multiple other parameters.
Object Browser Allows you to configure both default options for the Object Browser, but also double-click behavior from the Object Browser.
Code Auto-Complete Provides access to the various auto-complete code options.

Code Snippets

Allows you to create and edit your own code snippets.
Allows you to edit the output format of the data in the Result Set section.
Allows you to customize options for the Output pane, including whether you want to enable grid output, text output, and/or custom output.
Allows you to adjust the default data import and export settings.
Allows you to use different background colors for the different connections and databases. For details on this functionality, refer to Database Highlighting.
SQL Formatters Allows you to select options for the Workbench SQL formatter and configure the use of external formatters in Workbench. Click Add and specify appropriate settings for each external formatter that you want to add.
Allows you to specify which objects must be included in the script by default.

Individual Screens

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