Comparing Database Schemas

To get started, specify two databases, or the NHS files, previously created by the Script Database function, and then click Compare Schemas.

When the comparison procedure is complete, the structures of the selected databases are displayed. The objects of the schema that are highlighted in red are either missing or different from those in the other schema. To access the tool, on the Tools menu, click Compare Schemas.

The Compare Schemas capability also allows you to synchronize schemas, while, optionally, retaining, or discarding the data contained in the tables that need to be altered. To synchronize two schemas, click Alter Script. A file that contains SQL scripts that reconcile any existing differences between the schemas is created.

You can also generate a delta script to update a schema to be an exact copy of the other schema. To do this, choose the schema that you want to update, and then click one of the Alter Script buttons. The Generate Delta Script Options window is displayed.

If the Preserve Tables content check box is selected, the delta script is automatically modified to retain the table data in the database being modified.

Aginity Workbench for Greenplum * Topic last updated August 30, 2018