Searching for Database Objects

Aginity Workbench for dashDB provides a search ability to help you locate a database object that you want to work with in the Object Browser. A set of options is available to help set search scope and narrow search results. For example, you can select options to search for specified text only at the beginning of object names.

To find a database object in the Object Browser:

  1. In the search box at the bottom of the Object Browser, type the text to search for.

    You must type at least three characters in the search box for search to work.

  2. Click the search options button (the last button to the right of the search box, shown above) and select filtering options and specify a search scope:
    1. Select one of the following options to filter search results:
      • Contains
      • Begins with
      • Ends with
      • Expression (SQL LIKE)
    2. Select one or more of the following options to specify the scope of your search:
      • Entity names - Search for the text in names of database objects.

        This option does not search in column names. Select the Entity columns option to search in column names.

      • Entity bodies - Search for the text in the bodies of stored procedures and views.
      • Entity descriptions - Search for the text in comments within the DDL of database objects.
      • Entity columns - Search for the text in column names.
  3. Click Search.

    When the search is complete, the Results pane displays matching database objects. The first matching object from the Results pane is automatically selected in the Object Browser.

    Click Results to hide or show the Results pane.

  4. Click Next to select the next matching object in the Object Browser or click a row in the Results pane to select the object in the Object Browser.
  5. To perform another search, repeat steps 2–4.

Aginity Workbench for dashDB * Topic last updated August 30, 2018