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100% of Enterprise Analytics are 
re-created. Why?
Unlock analytics to work across the enterprise, 
and never recreate an analytic again.
    Find all of Your Data and Analytics
    Search for Data and Analytics
    Since 80% of enterprise analytics have already been created, search and find analytics before you build. Save thousands of hours of relearning and recoding analytics by easily finding the code previously written by all users in the enterprise, even if they work on a different team, department or geography.
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    Connect to Data Sources
    Query and build analytics across the enterprise, whether on premises or in the cloud.  Connect to your diverse data sources all at the same time.
    • Enterprise Data Warehouses
    • Hadoop Environments
    • Data Lakes
    • File Systems and Object Stores
    • External Catalogs
    • Legacy Systems
    Optional Cache
    Improve the performance and efficiency of your data and analytics ecosystem by using Aginity Enterprise's caching and Aginity's best practices to build your physical data model.

    Or leave the data at the source and use it directly in Aginity Enterprise, without having to move it.
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    Data Management Features for Everyone
    Users no longer have to worry about how underlying data sources are joined or related. Translate table, column names and data relationships into language that any user can immediately understand and use. Build a logical data model, a semantic layer, and map multiple data sources to business objects to show relationships -- e.g. campaigns, sales, offers, personas, households. 
    • Design your logical data model
    • Import industry or custom logical data models
    • Define and map your data sources
    • Set audit, balance and control options to load data
    • Use Aginity accelerators for popular data sources
    Reuse and Share Analytics
    Code to Enterprise Analytics
    Aginity Enterprise's supercharged notebook is the only analyst notebook that lets users recombine individual paragraphs in any language and catalogs outputs as re-usable, queryable assets. Eliminating cumbersome data connections and repetitive data-analytics prep, Aginity Enterprise’s notebook is integrated into an ever-expanding active catalog of assets. Any user can now access logic and algorithms previously built, re-use that knowledge or expose it to consuming applications via APIs.
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    Click to Enterprise Analytics
    Non-technical users can source and create reusable enterprise grade-analytics, from basic segmentations and aggregate analytic functions. Using Aginity Enterprise's logical data model and code generation capabilities, users no longer need to worry about data relationships or writing code to contribute to enterprise analytic knowledge.
    Try New Tools &
    Use Aginity Enterprise in Tools You Love
    Aginity Enterprise's analytic layer integrates with your favorite data science, business intelligence, and line of business tools with easy-to-use APIs. Deploy analytic changes and updates across the enterprise data analytic ecosystem, once – eliminating the need for users to remember, search and manually update disparate applications or code repositories.
    • No more configuration for each tool - connect to multiple data sources, join data sources, and create the analytics
    • Retrieve datasets in the formats you need
    • Leverage each tool for its best in class capabilities
    • Create reusable analytics and register them in Aginity Enterprise for authorized users in your organization to leverage
    • Build your own unique analytic application using our REST APIs
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    Always-On Modern Governance
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    Self-Service to Production
    Mitigate risks of today’s complex data and analytics ecosystems with an always-on governance that runs in the background, capturing the lineage (history) and provenance (authors, changes, and analytic context) of each calculation. 

    Authorized users across the enterprise use a hierarchy of “workspaces” to promote their analytics from self-service exploration all the way to production operations.
    • Bi-modal: Exploratory self-service (Mode 2) with enterprise safety and controls (Mode 1)
    • Only solution governing at the analytic-level, the calculation
    • Easily deploy analytics into the production environment
    Lineage & Provenance
    Aginity Enterprise works behind the scenes to capture, harvest, index, and track all of the metadata related to each action taken within the application. Understand and keep a record of the who, what, why, when and where of every action.
    • Gain insights on how your analytics are being created, processed, accessed and deployed
    • Find the context in which analytics were created and should be used
    • Understand the changing flow of analytics
    • Apply multi-dimensional usage analytics to understand complex interactions between users, applications, analytics and datasets
    • Index and search metadata with easy-to-use interface
    • Uncover your enterprise analytic superstars, both creators and users
    Deploy Behind Your Firewall

    Microservices deploy behind your firewall, in the cloud or on-premises, using lightweight containers.

    Powered by Spark

    Enable hybrid compute and federation with Spark.

    Enterprise Security & Operations

    Deep enterprise standard security and authentication, such as LDAP and Single Sign-on.

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