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Uncover the Insights Hiding in Your Data 
in Only 4 Weeks!
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can enhance your analytic performance.
Lower Analytic Costs

Lower migration and compute costs 20 to 30%

Reduce Business Risk

Increase analytic accuracy and reliability by removing duplication and inconsistency within your code assets.

Foster Innovation

Support advanced analytics, machine learning, or other initiatives by measuring how deep, wide, and accurate your analytic attributes and features are across your data.


  • Start by assessing the analytics that you already have, and make those consistent and drive those into the organization.
    CAO - Major International Bank
Our Approach
Point us towards the specific analytic environment that you'd like to analyze, and in 
just 4 weeks the Analytics Assessment will uncover areas of process improvement 
for immediate and actionable insights, and we'll collaborate with you on a roadmap 
for future cost savings and accuracy improvements.

Analysis of Text-Based Code Assets

Week 1

Data Set Preparation

Week 2

Analysis of Data Sets

Week 3


Week 4
Customer Successes

A Solution Born Out of Experience

While helping organizations operationalize analytics, we noticed a pattern. Companies were creating analytics multiple times, leading to code duplication, inaccuracy in business insights, and higher than necessary cost for compute and storage. In fact, we observed that whil80% of enterprise analytics are similar, they are re-created almost 100% of the time.

he rapid analytic assessment reveals a complete view of an organization's analytic assets and recommends process improvements for developing, governing, and deploying those analytics. 

Optimal Times to Consider an
Analytic Assessment
  • Migrating platforms. Start with a clean slate—mitigate the risk of migration and ensure you're only moving what needs to be moved. 
  • Not getting optimal output from your analytics team. This isn't a people problem—it's a productivity problem—and the assessment will uncover how much time is being wasted on redundant activity. 
  • Creating a strategic roadmap. The assessment gives you a picture of what's really going on with your analytics—earn some quick wins by improving consistency and productivity without additional investments.
  • Concerned about regulatory issues. Consistency and traceability offer safety, and the assessment will point out where you may be facing risk.