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Reduce Analytic Operating Cost 
in only 4 Weeks!
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and change your analytic performance
Lower Analytic Costs

Lower migration and compute costs 20 to 30%

Identify Rework

Find duplicate and similar analytics that are driving inconsistencies in business definitions and results

Increase Innovation

Discover and assess the most valuable analytic assets and their authors

Our Approach
In 4 weeks, we'll assess your data and analytic assets and deliver specific
recommendations to improve your analytic performance and compute costs

Analysis of Text-Based Code Assets

Week 1

Data Set Preparation

Week 2

Analysis of Data Sets

Week 3


Week 4
Get Real Results, Quickly
Discover the key analytics that matter to your business, while eliminating the ones that promote inaccurate decision making and drive costs.
Inventory of All Data and Analytic Assets
  • Redundant analytics driving up operational costs
  • Most valuable analytics
  • Authors of most in-demand analytics
See All Usage Trends
  • Navigate asset usage overtime, by database and user
  • Understand analytic lineage
  • Most used analytic functions across code languages
  • Low-usage analytics
  • One-time analytics
  • Text Hover

A Solution Born Out of Experience

Through our experience working with hundreds of companies, we've seen that manual creation and management of analytics leads to analytic inaccuracy, gives an inconsistent view of the business and drives up unnecessary costs.

By providing an analytic assessment service, companies can now easily automate the discovery of their most valuable analytic assets -- finding and using only the analytics that truly matter and removing the ones that drive cost.