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Strengthening Loyalty with Analytics Management
With Aginity Amp, a leading US food retailer accelerated its ability to provide a better customer experience

The company operates thousands of retail food stores across the US and wanted to provide a better customer experience for its tens of millions of loyalty cardholders.

However, its legacy analytics system had limitations. For example, adding new types of customer data, such as behavior on social media channels, was difficult. The system also lacked analytic management capabilities, leading to duplicated analytic effort and inconsistent results.

The retailer chose Amp to help it overcome these limitations, and learned that Amp could also support its broader strategic vision. In Amp, the company configured a logical data model to combine data from previously siloed sources. Then Amp automatically generated data marts for analytics, reporting and direct marketing. The metadata included in these marts made it easier for users to identify the appropriate analytics for their marketing applications. This reduced duplicated effort and streamlined analytic processes.

Now, the company can generate reports daily on sales at retail locations – reports that typically run to 150 million rows per day – plus reports on online sales, on the IBM PureData™ System for Analytics, powered by Netezza.

In addition, by replacing formerly manual processes, the company can quickly and easily launch precisely targeted marketing campaigns through IBM Campaign software. With the central catalog of analytics established in Amp, the company can fine-tune campaigns based on a variety of consumer and household characteristics. Profiles of loyalty cardholders can be enriched with any type of data that may hold descriptive or predictive value.

Best of all, Amp provides a foundation for expanding analytics into other areas of the company’s operations.
  • Inflexible legacy system could not support the business’ strategic vision
  • Difficult to add new data sources or consumer characteristics
  • No ability to reuse analytics across applications or divisions

  • Aginity Amp™ software enables agile inclusion of data on customer interactions across all channels and touchpoints
  • Supports analytic reuse across divisions and provides a platform for future growth

  • Logical data model supports rapid assimilation of new types of data
  • Amp enabled self-service capability for analyzing customer data
  • Accelerated production of reports and analytics