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Aginity Pro, the Next Generation 
SQL Analysis Tool
Aginity Workbench for Hive
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Aginity Workbench for Hadoop is a free client application, which allows users to interact with Hadoop through Hive, Spark SQL, or IBM’s Big SQL. In this version users can:

  • Browse and create database objects
  • Query Hadoop or DB2 data using ANSI SQL, HiveQL, or a few clicks of a mouse, and interact with results in the advanced results grid
  • Import and export data to/from HDFS
  • Quickly view Explain Plans
  • View user query history
  • Reverse engineer ddl or compare schemas
  • Explore and manage (including uploading and downloading) the HDFS file system via a friendly Windows-like interface

For a full list of features, visit our documentation.

Aginity Workbench for Hadoop is not a product of the Apache Software Foundation. More information regarding Apache products including Hadoop and Hive can be found at