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Aginity Pro, the Next Generation 
SQL Analysis Tool
Aginity Workbench for Spark
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Do you have Workbench for Hive, and want to 
connect to Spark? Watch this 6-minute 
intro on setup and configuration.
Aginity Workbench for Spark SQL is a free client application which allows users to now easily take advantage of Spark’s powerful in-memory data processing for your ad-hoc SQL queries:

  • Read data from various formats and storage layers (e.g. S3, HDFS)
  • Query data using Spark SQL with a few clicks of a mouse and interact with results in the advanced results grid
  • View your user query history and save code snippets and shortcuts
  • Leverage parameters, saved queries and query-sets to allow the easy re-use of your Spark SQL analyses
  • Get assistance with auto-complete, query formatting and other helpful accelerators
  • Explore and manage (including uploading and downloading) the HDFS file system via a friendly Windows-like interface

To use Spark in Aginity Workbench, you will need:
  • A data processing cluster running Spark
  • Spark Thrift Server running to allow Aginity Workbench connections via ODBC
  • Your data’s schema registered in Hive Catalog (Aginity Workbench includes tools to help upload data and register in Hive)

For a full list of features, visit our documentation.

Aginity Workbench for Spark SQL is not a product of the Apache Software Foundation. More information regarding Apache products including Hadoop and Hive can be found at