Aginity Expands SQL Development Team Support for Pivotal Greenplum and Pivotal Postgres

Aginity Pro and Aginity Premium help Pivotal customers discover, manage, and share SQL in a collaborative environment.
Pivotal partnership

CHICAGO, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Aginity, the only active analytics company, announced today that Aginity Pro and Aginity Premium have added support for Pivotal Greenplum, the leading massively parallel processing analytic database based on open-source Postgres, and Pivotal Postgres, Pivotal’s enterprise distribution of open-source Postgres.

SQL, the language of data, is used first in nearly all analytic efforts, and nearly every line of SQL that is written is likely to be needed and valuable in the future. Aginity allows SQL analysts to work more efficiently and provide consistent results by making every line of SQL searchable, reusable, and easy to understand for individuals and teams. Aginity Pro and Premium now deliver these capabilities to Pivotal Greenplum and Pivotal Postgres users.

“We are thrilled to be extending support for Pivotal’s popular data platforms in Aginity Pro and Aginity Premium.  Our joint customers now have the ability to build a trusted analytic layer to operationalize analytics efficiently and consistently on-premises or in the cloud,” said Paul Schaut, CEO of Aginity.

SQL analysts using Aginity to author queries for Pivotal Greenplum will now be able to quickly develop their queries while taking advantage of the features of Pivotal Greenplum such as machine learning, geospatial data types, text or graph analytics. They can also take advantage of the parallel processing over petabyte-scale data sets provided by Pivotal Greenplum for fast query performance.

“Aginity provides the only truly optimized for MPP SQL development tool, which has long been appreciated by Greenplum users,” said Jacque Istok, VP of Data at Pivotal. “With Aginity Pro and Aginity Premium’s new SQL analytics curation & collaboration features, Aginity has created a truly compelling enterprise SQL development platform.”

Pivotal Greenplum 6 and Pivotal Postgres customers now have access to Aginity’s next-generation of SQL query tools in Aginity Pro and Aginity Premium which re-imagine the way that users and teams will want to share, collaborate, and re-use analytic and data assets on these and other platforms.

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About Aginity

All analytics today still start with SQL.  It’s the most prevalent language used to access data.  Changing the game for SQL analysts, Aginity provides a SQL coding experience that empowers data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to find, manage, govern, share and re-use SQL rather than recode it.  Thousands of companies leverage Aginity products to deliver consistent results faster by understanding the intent and context of the SQL and easily using it in other coding efforts.  Learn more at www.aginity.com.

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