Aginity Launches Analytic Management Support for Microsoft SQL Server

The only active analytics company helps Microsoft SQL Server customers discover, manage and share SQL in a collaborative environment.
Aginity for SQL Server

Chicago, Illinois, August 21, 2019 — Aginity, the only active analytics company, today announced support for Microsoft SQL Server, a scalable data platform deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Aginity allows data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to work more efficiently and provide consistent actionable results for business growth. Aginity products make every line of SQL searchable, reusable and easy to understand for individuals, teams and departments.

“We are excited to extend support of our products to include more Microsoft data platforms with the addition of SQL Server.  Our joint customers will now have the ability to build a trusted analytic layer to operationalize analytics in a highly consistent and efficient way using SQL Server on-premises or in the cloud”, said Paul Schaut, CEO of Aginity.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the highest performing data warehouses.  With support for small data marts to large enterprise data warehouses, customers are leveraging SQL Server to run mission critical analytics with high availability, security and disaster recovery capabilities.

SQL Server users will now have access to first-class SQL analysis tools that will help them be more productive and efficient analysts leveraging the following benefits:

  • Find your and your team’s SQL quickly. Search, browse and access your SQL assets for reuse.
  • Add searchable names and descriptions to your code. You and your colleagues can now easily understand the context, purpose and intended use for code without having to execute it.
  • Easily reuse your work.  SQL is now “object-oriented” so you can easily call or execute saved SQL snippets as building blocks in new work.
  • Lower analytic maintenance costs. Make updates to business logic once and instantly have it inherited or replicated anywhere it’s being used.
  • Make your SQL private and secure. You can set privacy settings to limit who can view and edit your catalog of work.
  • Future-proof your team’s knowledge. Rest easy knowing none of your business knowledge about your analytic rules is lost should analysts leave your team.


About Aginity

All analytics today still start with SQL.  It’s the most prevalent language used to access data.  Changing the game for SQL analysts, Aginity provides a SQL coding experience that empowers data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to find, manage, govern, share and re-use SQL rather than recode it.  Thousands of companies leverage Aginity products to deliver consistent results faster by understanding the intent and context of the SQL and easily using it in other coding efforts.  Learn more at www.aginity.com.

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