Aginity Launches First of its Kind SQL Team Experience Built to Share and Reuse Code Making Teams More Productive

Trusted Analytics Management Leader Debuts “Aginity Premium” Today
SQL Sharing

[Chicago, IL. —July 2019—] Aginity, the world’s only active analytic catalog company, today announced the launch of “Aginity Premium,” a first of its kind SQL team experience that enables SQL teams to share and reuse code. 

Until today, SQL developers have lacked the collaboration software that truly brings them together within their existing workflow. Aginity Premium is a game-changer because it makes SQL a team sport where individual developers can collaboratively manage their work.

The primary way people access and explore data today is still SQL. But most of this effort and its output is not harnessed effectively within large organizations. This has led to re-work, re-creation and inconsistency of analytic results.

SQL data access and data prep are foundational capabilities that enable the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science. Aginity Premium unlocks the power of re-usability and governance in this key area which is essential to scale up your enterprise’s high-quality machine learning output.

“Every line of SQL written on a team is valuable for someone else on that team or even in another department,” according to Dan Kuhn, co-founder and CTO of Aginity. “This product makes it easy for teams to discover, share and reuse previous work across all of their analysts. It will make teams more efficient and analytics more consistent. It will change the game for any team that spends the majority of their day writing SQL.”   

With Aginity Premium, you can:

  • Find your and your team’s SQL quickly. With Aginity Premium’s Discovery Assistant, you can search, browse, and access your team’s SQL assets for reuse.
  • Add searchable names and descriptions to your code. You and your colleagues can now easily understand the context, purpose, and intended use for code without having to execute it.
  • Easily reuse your work.  Aginity Premium makes SQL “object-oriented” so you can easily reference and reuse previous code as building blocks in new work.
  • Make your SQL private and secure. You can set privacy settings to limit who can view and edit your catalog of work.
  • Future-proof your team’s knowledge. Rest easy knowing none of your business knowledge about your analytic rules is lost should users leave your team.

Aginity Premium is available today. For more information visit: www.aginity.com/products/aginity-premium

About Aginity

Aginity empowers individuals, teams, and departments to realize the full potential of enterprise analytics; providing the only active analytic catalog for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and business users.  Users dramatically accelerate the production and operationalization of analytics by reusing them rather than re-coding, allowing organizations to capitalize on business opportunities and reduce business continuity risks.

Aginity’s products track analytic provenance by actively recording how analytics are built and changed, enable analytic portability and sharing across users and applications, and provide governed protection of analytics and data by securing assets for authorized users.  Learn more at www.aginity.com.

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