Banorte Uses Aginity To Maximize Analytic Return and Reduce Risk

CHICAGO, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Aginity, Inc., the active analytics catalog company, today announced that Banorte, one of Mexico’s largest banking and financial services companies, is using Aginity Enterprise to maximize analytic return and reduce business risk. During the initial pilot Aginity showed how to significantly increase the productivity and consistency of Banorte’s analytic output, resulting in more minds innovating across the organization and building off of each other.

From 2015-17 Banorte delivered $1 billion+ net revenue gains, jumping forward in international market position.  This success also uncovered a challenge for them to continue to scale at this pace–it was driven by a manual operational processes–which meant higher business risks due to duplicative work and inconsistencies in the analytics driving business decisions across the organization.

“The fact is more people wasn’t going to solve the problem–it had to be solved in a new way.” said Jose Murillo, Banorte’s Chief Analytic Officer. “When we started to solve the challenge, groups were convinced there would be no overlap in their work and few, if any analytic inconsistencies.  Working together with Aginity, we found approximately 60-70% of the work across three teams was the same and resulted in different analytic results.”

Benefits of Banorte working with Aginity include:

Active Analytic Governance: Each calculation, metric, KPI, or attribute is built once, changed only by an approved process, and every end-user uses the enterprise-approved definitions.

Active Business Continuity: Previously, if a calculation changed, the team had to find all of the places where that calculation was coded and make updates.  Using Aginity, a single change updates all downstream dependencies and applications.

Feature Store to Drive Machine Learning: A consistent set of variables for data scientists to quickly train models for faster iteration, innovation, and implementation.

About Aginity

Aginity empowers individuals, teams, and departments to realize the full potential of enterprise analytics; providing the only active analytic catalog for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and business users.  Users dramatically accelerate the production and operationalization of analytics by reusing them rather than re-coding, allowing organizations to capitalize on business opportunities and reduce business continuity risks.

Aginity’s products track analytic provenance by actively recording how analytics are built and changed, enable analytic portability and sharing across users and applications, and provide governed protection of analytics and data by securing assets for authorized users.  Learn more at www.aginity.com.

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