The only solution where enterprises collaborate to use analytics as assets

Share analytic assets across programming languages, data sources, and teams

Find your data and analytics

Use natural language search to discover all registered analytics across your enterprise.   You’ll see a full history of how they were created, and how they should be used.

Code in any language

Whether you’re a SQL, Python, or Scala developer find, manage, and reuse analytics in all languages your enterprise uses to create analytics.

Connect data across sources

Want to connect data across data platforms? With Aginity Enterprise, you can do it! Once the data is connected, Aginity Enterprise will federate it so you can do your job faster.

Features & Benefits

Active Catalog

See the context of each analytic and immediately be able to reuse it


With RESTful, ODBC, and JDBC apis, access your analytics in your tools


Connect, join, and use analytics across multiple data platforms

Semantic Layer

Separate analytic logic from the data and make it easy to understand

Many Languages

Manage, use, and reuse your analytics coded in SQL, Python, or Scala

Flexible Deployment

Deployed in your cloud, on-prem, or hybrid environment


Always-on governance that captures analytic lineage and provenance

Enterprise Security

Enterprise security and authentication, such as LDAP and Single Sign-on

Aginity is here to help 🤘

Product Manager

We have real people here to help

With your subscription to Aginity Enterprise, you’ll have access to our Customer Success team, specifically focused on making you…SUCCESSFUL with your new ability to share, govern, and scale your analytics enterprise-wide.

We’ll provide a full strategy session that covers best practices on how to get started.  We’ll train each of your departments and teams on how to use Aginity Enterprise and check-in throughout your subscription to make sure you have the resources you need.  We’re always here for you to ensure you’re able to maximize the value from your investment in Aginity Enterprise.

Customer Success

Get up and running in no time

We’ll be right by your side to help you deploy Aginity Enterprise into your IT environment. We will work with you to ensure everything is up and running as expected, and show you some tips and tricks about how you can quickly import your current analytics into Aginity Enterprise.

Aginity Enterprise deploys into AWS or Azure with a single, confugurable script, and bring along all of its dependencies.  The only requirement is an AWS account, and we are ready to help there as well if you are just starting your journey into the Cloud.

A fully on-premise version is out in Q3, 2019 and will similarly deploy on everything required for the system. 

With either the Cloud or On-Prem version, Aginity’s pre-sales engineering team will work with you to appropriately size the environment based on your analytics and data needs. 

Product Manager

Need some help?

There’s a help and support document for just about everything in our product. Check out or take a look at our product documentation anytime you need.

Our Customer Support team is always available to help, just drop them an email at

Customer Support


In our Aginity Community you can learn from other Aginity customers and network with your data analyst and data scientist peers. To join, simply go to the Aginity Community and sign up with your email address.

Also keep an eye on your email as we often do webinars and office hours and would love to have you join, participate, and spread the word.

Aginity Enterprise

The world’s most innovative analytic companies use Aginity Enterprise to manage and scale their analtyic productivity TODAY.