Aginity Premium is where SQL teams work as one

SQL collaboration software that improves your team’s productivity

Get more done faster

Every line of SQL is valuable to your entire team

Your team’s lines of code are assets that everyone can benefit from. Share them. Open them up for collaboration with Aginity Premium.

A faster way to write SQL

Use your SQL as objects in Aginity’s active analytics catalog

Find and Use Your Team's SQL

Make your team’s code visible and usable for all.

  • Your team’s SQL becomes visible no longer stuck in files, emails or instant messaging system
  • Search across your entire query history and catalog
  • Know the code’s intended use by accessing rich titles and descriptions

Anticipate Code Changes

Code changes and analysis can quickly get out of date. When you need to make a change, update your active analytics catalog object. Your update will propagate to dependent analytics.

  • Make code changes in one spot
  • Code changes updates all dependencies
  • Your code remains consistent

What is an analytics catalog?

Organized Code Catalog

A repository for all of your team’s SQL

  • Divvy up the catalog by data connections, data grains, projects, or whatever else is relevant to your team
  • Team members have access to both a team and personal catalog
  • Titles and descriptions help everyone learn about the code’s intended use

Keep Your SQL Secure

Aginity gives you complete control over the way your team works with your SQLwith flexible sharing permissions and security controls.

  • Centrally manage security and provisioning
  • Give access to users that meet your team’s security standards
  • Users provide different access permissions to other team members using dynamic entitlements

Database Platform Support

Connect to today’s modern cloud and on-premise databases, with deep native support for:

Generic JDBC Connection Support:

Any JDBC-Supported Database

Get Started with Aginity Catalogs

Import our toolkits and getting started catalogs from Github into Aginity Premium, giving you instant access to hundreds of useful SQL utilities, queries and snippets

Aginity is here to help 🤘

Product Manager

We have real people here to help

With your subscription to Aginity Premium, you’ll have access to our Customer Success resources, specifically focused on making you…SUCCESSFUL with your new ability to share, govern, and reuse SQL across users.

We’ll provide best practices, strategy, training and check in on you to make sure you’re maximizing the value from your investment in Aginity Premium.

Customer Success

Get up and running in no time

Deploying and using Aginity Premium is a breeze. You can download the product and fire it up on your own or our Customer Success team is always here to help.  We will work with you to ensure everything is up and running as expected, and share some tips and tricks about how you can quickly import your current SQL code to Aginity Premium.

  • Server or Virtual Machine to deploy Aginity Premium web application
    • Cloud, data center or on-premises
    • 8 CPU x 32GB RAM, 200 GB of disk space
    • Ubutu v 18.04.2 LTS (or later)
    • Must have network access to databases being used
    • HTTPS Certificate (company provided)
  • Desktop Environments
    • Chrome browser
    • HTTPS access to the Premium server (same as above)
  • IT Support (<1 hour/month)
    • Provision team server
    • Monitor and restart server if needed
    • Perform installs and upgrades
  • Application Admin (< 1 hour/month)
    • Account management
    • Data platform driver management
  • Your SQL Team
    • 5 to 40 SQL analysts/developers

Product Manager

Need some help?

There’s a help and support document for just about everything in our product.  Check out or take a look at our product documentation anytime you need.

Become a SQL expert and learn more tips and tricks from our Product Team and CTO during Aginity Office Hours

Our Customer Support team is always available to help. Just drop them an email at

Customer Support


In our Aginity Community you can learn from other Aginity customers and network with your SQL analyst peers.  To join, simply go to the Aginity Community and sign up with your email address. 

Also check out our SQL tutorials to help you on your way to becoming a SQL expert and rockstar analyst!

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