Powerful Query & Analysis

Aginity Increases SQL team efficiency by 30%+

Shorten time-to-insight and increase analyst efficiency with Aginity’s powerful query and analysis capabilities.

Query Editor

Enjoy productivity gains with Aginity’s priority-focus code editor window which surfaces powerful functionality just when you need it. Beyond our cross-database autocomplete and deep database object integration, users love the ability to quickly insert business logic, adjust parameters, and reuse curated (and dynamically updated) SQL with just a few keystrokes.

  • Autocomplete

    Cross-database autocomplete saves time and sanity with typeahead visibility into your catalog entries, schemas, databases, and all supported objects.

  • Reference Catalog Objects

    Promote analytic consistency by referencing saved catalog entries as modularized objects in the code editor. Entries can be any valid SQL such as: full queries, statements to create and update views, or snippets for common transformations, joins, and where clauses.

  • Custom Shortcuts

    Editable keyboard shortcuts are available for just about any action -- or bring up the Command Palette to quickly locate and select one of our time-saving editor functions.

Analyze Results

Effortlessly re-shape query output and further analyze results using aggregations, pivoting, filtering, and light-weight visualization capabilities within Aginity’s advanced results grid.  Aginity helps you stay in the zone so you can uncover magical insights in the data!

  • Filter & Transpose

    While complex SQL statements can give you any output you want, analysts still love Aginity's powerful, efficient ability to work with query results and confidently make sense of the data.

  • Premium
    Aggregate, Pivot & Chart

    Use pivot tables and charts to enjoy more "Aha!" moments of insight. With simple drag & drop functionality, you'll quickly glean insights hidden among rows and rows of results.

  • Export to File

    With a simple click, you can export results to a TSV or CSV file to support analytic pipelines or offline analysis. (Aginity Premium additionally supports Excel file export.)

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