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What is the Discovery Assistant?

The discovery assistant panel is where you can search items from your personal catalog and SQL query history. If you find something you’d like to reuse, simply right-click on the object and either copy it to your clipboard, or open it in a new tab.

What is the Catalog?

It is a personal catalog where you can save snippets, relationships, and calculations. In the catalog we’ll keep track of usages statistics of each of your saved objects, allowing you to stop rewriting the same SQL over and over and easily find and reuse your favorite and most commonly used SQL. 

What platforms does Aginity Pro Support?​

Aginity Pro supports a wide range of data platforms for you to develop, catalog and manage your SQL. Additional platform support coming soon.

What Operating System is Required to run Aginity Pro?

Aginity Pro offers versions available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Linux OS is not supported at this time. 


Do I need to download a separate version of Aginity Pro for each data platform that I am working with?

No, you can connect to multiple data platforms from a single instance of Aginity Pro.

If I have questions, identify bugs, or have feature request, where do I go?

Search and provide feedback to our product team and the rest of your SQL peers on our community page or send us an email to support@aginity.com

Aginity is here to help 🤘

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We have real people here to help

We have real people here to help with your subscription to Aginity Pro, you’ll have access to our online Customer Success resources, specifically focused on making you a more productive SQL expert.

We’ll provide best practices, strategy and online training sessions to make sure you’re maximizing all Aginity Pro has to offer.

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Get up and running in no time

Deploying and using Aginity Pro is a breeze. Download and install Aginity Pro for your Windows or MacOS environment.  Once you register and connect to a data platform, you can start immediately writing SQL.

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Need some help?

There’s a help and support document for just about everything in our product. Check out support.aginity.com anytime you need.

Become a SQL expert and learn more tips and tricks from our Product Team and CTO during Aginity Office Hours.

Our Customer Support team is always available to help, just drop them an email at support@aginity.com.

Customer Support


In our Aginity Community you can learn from other Aginity customers and network with your SQL analyst peers. To join, simply go to the Aginity Community and sign up with your email address.

Also check out our SQL tutorials to help you on your way to becoming a SQL expert and rockstar analyst!

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