Upload Data from Excel or CSV

Boost productivity with Aginity’s streamlined process for ad hoc data ingestion into one of our supported platforms.

Data engineers and analysts frequently need to ingest data outside of the normal ETL/ELT pipeline. For about half the data professionals we talk to, the need to upload data arises at least monthly if not daily. Your workflow may require appending a table with data from a CSV file retrieved from an external system, or perhaps importing data from Excel to join with an existing dataset.

Whatever your particular use case, uploading ad hoc data to your warehouse can be cumbersome, both from a process and a permissions standpoint. Not only do the majority of SQL IDEs not support this operation, but you may not fare any better within the native console of the data platform itself. Often this functionality is nowhere to be found or is restricted to admin roles.

Bulk Load & Data Insert Wizard

Aginity’s Data Upload wizard comes in two flavors, bulk load and data insert. Both lead you through a streamlined process to ingest data from a CSV or Excel file into your data warehouse, and allow you to verify progress with our built-in job monitor.

  • Bulk Load

    Our bulk load wizard is the most efficient method to load data into RedShift or Snowflake. This method connects to your secure cloud object storage account (Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage) to leverage native data loading capabilities within these two platforms.

  • Data Insert

    Our data insert wizard connects to an additional slate of databases without the need for any cloud storage intermediary. This method is more accessible, albeit slower given that a SQL insert statement is generated for each row. As such, we recommend limiting import files to 100K rows -- but we won't restrict you!

Productivity Tip: Use a Quick & Easy Data Upload Template

With Aginity, you can streamline the process even further by saving all of your bulk load or data insert configurations into a Template for ease and consistency when uploading similarly-structured Excel or CSV files. Apply a template to instantly apply previous settings such as source file properties, null handling, column mapping, data types, and target table action.

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