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Build Your Analytics Once – Use Everywhere.

Aginity Amp is the only solution that enables businesses to create, catalog and manage all analytics as assets which then become reusable across the enterprise. This can reduce analytics-related operational costs by as much as 90% and deliver 10x-100x improvements in efficiency through analytic reuse.

Businesses waste millions of dollars and thousands of hours on analytics projects that fail because:

Analytic calculations are recoded within multiple applications

It takes weeks or months to build and deploy analytic models

Analytic calculations that should be consistent yield inconsistent results

Some Of The Platforms That Aginity Amp Supports

What Our Customers Are Saying

"If we understand the value of different types of customers, we can understand where to go get more customers like that and how to retain them better. The attributes in the Aginity software model really help us do that. The richer the attributes, the more we can understand our customers [like] what separates the most profitable, longest life customers..."John Joninas, Managing Director, Pricing and Analytics, ORKIN
"Aginity software will help us immediately [enable] people to self-serve throughout our enterprise, [give] people [the ability] to ask questions, get the answers, and be confident that what they’re getting is one version of the truth.” Rick Greth, Director of IT, HOMEMAKERS

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