Learn How to Own Your Customer’s Journey

Aginity AmpTM Drives Results

• Created $14mm of incremental revenue in 4 weeks

• Integrated 14 years of data from 7 banners and 2 countries in less than 90 days

• Reduced analytic run times by 90%

• Tracked and charted the customer journey across 2000+ attributes in 10 days

The Largest Brands in the World Rely on Aginity Amp™ to Predict and Own their Customer's Journey.

Aginity Amp™ connects all data, predictive analytics, and enterprise execution systems to enhance customer experiences.

What it Does

Aginity is an analytic hub that powers your entire enterprise. Marketers can create, catalog and scale the attributes needed to understand the customer and enhance customer experiences.

Our software rapidly integrates all marketing and customer data sources, unifies attributes and predictive analytics across the enterprise, and connects existing marketing execution systems to power customer interactions.

The end result is the ability to own your customer’s journey and place them at the center of the decision making process.

What You Get

The software provides:

  • A unified view of data, enterprise attributes, analytics and statistical models
  • Self-service tools, allowing marketers access to data and attributes without IT dependency
  • Reduced analytic cycle times, increasing time to value
  • Ability to create data sets on the fly for ad-hoc analysis
  • Ownership of your customer’s journey and the bottom line results that come with it.

See for Yourself

Contact us to schedule a demo or to learn how our software can help you change the game.

Here are just a few outcomes our software has produced for clients:

  • Created $14mm of incremental revenue in 4 weeks
  • Integrated 14 years of data from 7 banners and 2 countries in < 90 days
  • Reduced analytic run times by 90%
  • Tracked and charted the customer journey across 2000+ attributes in 10 days

Scott Friesen,
Director of Marketing Analytics and Customer InsightsMay 9, 2014

"Aginity’s unique platform dramatically enhances the speed and efficiency with which teams can understand customer behaviors, produce insights, and deliver better targeting for relevant communications. Teams spend less time orienting the data and more time running that actual statistical or exploratory analysis. In a future where traditional customer segments fade away and become replaced by uniquely understood individuals, the old dance between marketing analytics and IT is simply not scale efficient. Aginity’s solution is a big step into the future, bringing scale efficiency to customer individuality."

Featured Customers

Industry Experience

Aginity Amp™ gives Retailers unprecedented insight into their customers’ behaviors and their journeys. By combining data, analytics and marketing execution in one platform, we save retailers time, money and big data headaches.
With one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies as a client, Aginity is helping shed new light on the consumer path to purchase.
Customer loyalty is just as vital in Financial Services as it is in retail. We are helping some of the worlds largest companies access data and analytics faster and understand their customers and prospects better.
With the complexities facing the Healthcare industry, the shift to become more consumer-focused has never been more important. Aginity offers a pre-integrated, optimized solution for healthcare organizations to deliver advanced analytics and marketing execution based on consumer preferences, behaviors, needs and value.
Aginity allows the Travel and Tourism industry to understand and own their Customer’s Journey like no other software on the market. Aginity allows you to determine how your customers are traveling, why they are traveling and how they expect to optimize customer service.
Aginity allows Media and Entertainment companies to better target and grow loyalty with their customers. By owning the Customer Journey with analytics and marketing, Aginity helps companies optimize customer experience, marketing spend and wallet share.

What others are saying

Dave Doster,
Director Digital EnablementFebruary 6, 2014

"In ten days we were blown away... I have never seen anything like that. The speed and scale at which we were able to discover the value of the omnichannel consumer by compiling both our online and in-store data to drive insight from the Aginity software was remarkable."

Leslie Webber,
CIOFebruary 21, 2014

"Aginity [software] and IBM analytics allowed us to quickly get information across our multiple channels and lines of business in one place to deliver meaningful analytics which create a better customer shopping experience and drive top line and bottom line results."

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