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Aginity makes software that revolutionizes the way enterprises create, manage, deploy and govern analytics, allowing them to establish analytics as a new and highly valuable class of asset.

Deploying analytics across an enterprise (many applications and many people) will always be complex, slow, and expensive until two problems are addressed:

Analytics aren’t assets – they’re work. Every analytic or calculation created anywhere must be done manually. If you want to use it in a new place, you must do it again or add more people. And if you can’t reuse previous work, your analytics aren’t assets.

Attribution across applications is impossible if you can’t easily reconcile analytics. Companies have many applications that are powered by data and calculations across the enterprise, but the data and math are inconsistent. Therefore, predictability across enterprise silos and applications is impossible.

Scalable Analytics. Enterprise-wide.
Aginity Amp

Aginity Amp™ is where your data and math come together. Our software makes it easy to investigate, share, reuse, and govern your analytics — regardless of location, author, or application.

Aginity Amp enables an unprecedented combination of:

  • Business self-service
  • Greater governance
  • Less IT dependence

Manage your Math
How it Works

Aginity Amp registers all your enterprise data and math in an accessible software layer so any user can power any application without depending on IT.

Our software layers into your existing architecture so users can build, edit, and reuse analytic assets from a common repository. This approach lets you investigate and reconcile inconsistencies across applications quickly, reduce analytic cycle times by 90%, and increase deployment speed up to 100X.

Enhancing. Efficient. Free.
Aginity Workbench

Aginity Workbench is an easy-to-use application that enhances performance and creates efficiencies when working with your MPP data warehouse.

Widely recognized as the preeminent MPP data query tool, Aginity Workbench provides a powerful set of GUI-based tools that more than 60,000 developers, DBAs, and data analysts across the majority of Forbes 2000 companies rely on to maximize user productivity.

Integrated within Aginity Amp or offered as a (free) stand-alone tool, Aginity Workbench works across IBM PureData for Analytics (Netezza), Pivotal Greenplum, Amazon Redshift, Hadoop, Big SQL, and dashDB.


"Aginity software will help us immediately [enable] people to self-serve throughout our enterprise, [give] people [the ability] to ask questions, get the answers, and be confident that what they’re getting is one version of the truth.”

Rick Greth, Director of IT, Homemakers

“If we understand the value of different types of customers, we can understand where to go get more customers like that and how to retain them better. The attributes in the Aginity software model really help us do that. The richer the attributes, the more we can understand our customers [like] what separates the most profitable, longest life customers...”

John Joninas, Managing Director, Pricing and Analytics, Orkin