Math and Data Together
Aginity Amp

Aginity Amp is where your data and math live together, making analytics more accessible, consistent, and scalable for on-demand performance.

Aginity Amp enables an unprecedented combination of

  • Business self service
  • Greater IT governance
  • Less IT dependence

Aginity Amp
How it Works
Aginity Amp greatly reduces analytic cycle times, providing consistency of analytic algorithms across consuming applications. With Amp, users can easily design and load your data into an analytic warehouse, allowing data analysts and scientists to author and catalog algorithms (“math”) and distribute them as attributes for consumption by users and applications throughout your enterprise.

The result? A platform where users can self-serve analytic assets from a common repository, build upon those assets, and take action on the insights they provide. We don”t replace your applications – we help you make the most of them.

Meet Aginity
Who We Are

We believe a company”s analytics are its most valuable asset. That”s why we built Aginity Amp, a software platform which enables and encourages organizations to build algorithms once and reuse them among all users and applications throughout your enterprise.

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Enhancing. Efficient. Free.
Aginity Workbench
Aginity Workbench is an easy-to-use application that enhances performance and creates efficiencies when working with your MPP data warehouse.

The application provides a powerful set of GUI-based tools for developers, DBAs, and data analysts to maximize the productivity of users in these roles. And, it’s free!

Created by and for Aginity’s own software developers, Aginity Workbench is based on our profound knowledge of the functionality an advanced data warehouse appliance is expected to provide, as well as on that of MPP solutions, and MPP system implementations in particular. Aginity Workbench editions include IBM PureData for Analytics (Netezza), Pivotal Greenplum, Amazon Redshift, Actian ParAccel, and dashDB.


“The old dance between marketing analytics and IT is simply not scale efficient.
Aginity”s solution is a big step into the future, bringing scale efficiency to customer individuality.”
– Scott Friesen, Director, Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights, ULTA