Analyze data from the data warehouse built for the cloud with Aginity’s unique SQL IDE and tools.

The data warehouse built for the cloud

Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the Cloud. Specializing in highly scalable and easily deployed configurations at top cloud providers, it easily enables your transition and consolidation from fragmented on-prem databases to a single scalable environment!

  • Store and analyze both structured and semi-structured data
  • Automatically scale your compute power to the load of users and queries
  • Keep all your data secure in the cloud

Aginity Extends Snowflake

Reuse Your SQL

Save your work in an active analytics catalog so you can easily reuse your SQL rather than re-write it

Find Your Work

Easily find your previous SQL assets from your query history and analytics catalog

Feature Engineering

Develop features once for re-use across your machine learning models

Collaborate with Your Team

Share your SQL work with your teammates securely

How does Aginity compare with Snowsight?

Businesses Using Aginity with Snowflake

Built with your role in mind

Reuse Your Code. Empower Your Team.

Aginity Pro

Reuse your SQL. Don't recode it.

Aginity Premium

Share your team's SQL.

Tarik Dwiek, Snowflake Director of Technology Alliances
“Aginity offers an innovative way for analytic teams to interact with each other’s code, driving efficiency and consistency. This partnership means that organizations can now easily leverage their analytic assets on Snowflake’s unique cloud-built data warehouse architecture.”

Aginity Snowflake Catalogs

Import our Snowflake getting started catalogs from Github into Aginity Pro/Team, giving you instant access to hundreds of useful SQL utilities, queries and snippets. 

Active Analytic Catalog