Connecting to a Greenplum Database

When launched, Aginity Workbench automatically displays the database connection dialog box . You can also establish a new connection by clicking Connect on the application’s toolbar. You can also simultaneously connect to several database servers.

Establish a Database Connection

To establish a connection:

  1. In the Server box, provide the IP address or domain name of the PureData for Analytics server for your organization.
  2. In the User ID and Password boxes, provide the user’s name for the connection and the corresponding password.
  3. From the Database list, select the database to connect to (or type the name if it does not appear). If you want to change the port, in the Port combo box, select or enter the appropriate port.
  4. To save the provided connection information as a connection entry, click Save. Once saved, a connection entry can be selected from the Saved list.
  5. Click OK. When the connection is established, the main window of the Aginity Workbench application, Query Analyzer, opens.

Connection entries are stored in an encrypted form and can be decrypted by the currently logged-on Windows user only. For security reasons, you can choose not to save your password with your connection string. In this case you need to enter your password every time a connection to the database needs to be established.

When the connection is established, the main window of the Aginity Workbench application, Query Analyzer, opens.

Connect to Multiple Database Servers Simultaneously

If you frequently work with objects in databases that reside on different servers, you may find the ability to simultaneously connect to multiple servers useful.

To connect to multiple database servers:

  1. In the Database Connection dialog box, specify the connection information for the first server that you want to connect to. For an explanation of the connection parameters, see the section Establishing a Database Connection.
  2. Open the Database Connection dialog box again and specify the connection information for each additional server to connect to.

    A separate Query Analyzer window opens for each server. You can switch between the windows by clicking their buttons in the side bar of the main Workbench window.

Aginity Workbench for Greenplum * Topic last updated December 27, 2018