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The Missing Layer in Enterprise Analytics

Find, create, and share analytics across the 
enterprise with all the tools you love
Join the Analytic Management Trendsetters
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Today's Analytics Ecosystems are Built for Waste

While the explosion of available tools and applications offers choice and the ability to experiment, it also makes it difficult to realize the full potential of enterprise analytics. Thousands of coding hours are wasted on inaccurate insights. Platforms and apps need a connective analytics layer.
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Build Analytics Once, Use Everywhere

Shift teams from analytic re-creation to analytic innovation. Lower existing analytic management costs by 90% while increasing efficiency and velocity of analytic development by 10-100x.
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  • The analytics and attributes we've put into the Amp layer help us understand the value of different customers. We can now quickly operationalize and innovate on that IP.
    John Joninas, Managing Director, ORKIN
  • Aginity software helped us to immediately enable people to self-serve throughout our enterprise, ask questions, get the answers, and be confident that what they’re getting is one version of the truth.
    Rick Greth, Director of IT, HOMEMAKERS

Amp Features

Aginity Amp is the only solution where enterprises can find, create, and share analytic assets across their data and analytics ecosystem.
Your Applications

Use your favorite business intelligence, data science and line of business tools.

Atomic Analytics

Store logic and math as discrete elements into an active analytics catalog.

Reusable Analytics

Build a bank of reusable analytic assets for data engineering, data science, and line of business teams.

Never Recreate

Never recreate an analytic again. Focus your team on innovation rather than recreation.

Data & Analytics from 
Anywhere to Anywhere
Amp isolates business logic and math from the underlying data sources and any consuming applications, giving enterprises the ability to easily lift and shift their analytic assets when they switch to new data platforms or analytic applications. Simply connect new platforms and tools to the persistent Amp catalog.
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Any Data Source
Connect your enterprise’s data and analytic applications directly to source data, without moving it, whether on-premises or in the cloud. With Amp you can connect to your enterprise data warehouse, data lake and cloud object stores all at the same time, without changing environments.
Any User From Clicker to Coder
Anyone can create enterprise-grade analytics from data scientist to marketing analyst. Point and click or code in a notebook environment using SQL, Spark and Scala to create enterprise-ready analytics.
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Modern Governance Model
Amp's always-on governance runs in the background, capturing the lineage (history) and provenance (authors, changes, and analytic uses) of each calculation.  Authorized users across the enterprise use a hierarchy of workspaces and projects to promote their analytics from exploration to production.
The Foundation to AI and ML
Use and reuse consistent analytic features, variables and KPIs with the latest machine learning (ML) libraries and artificial intelligence (AI) frameworks such as H2O, SparkML, MLlib, Tensorflow, and Scikit. Let data scientists and analysts immediately use insights and calculations to create new AI and ML models and deploy them into their line of business applications. 
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Amp makes your teams more productive. 
See why data engineers, data scientists, and business users love Amp.