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Aginity Amp FAQs
Aginity Amp Users
What's the difference between Aginity Amp and Workbench?
Ever wanted to share the work you've been doing in Workbench with other people in your company, but struggle to find out a way to do so?  Well that's the beginning of the story of how Aginity Amp can take your enterprise to the next level.
Aginity Amp builds upon the foundation of Aginity Workbench to provide an enterprise scale software platform that provides a layer between multiple users, end-point tools, and data platforms. Unlike Workbench, Aginity Amp supports full collaboration to store, catalog, and reuse queries, code, and analytics at scale across teams, departments and geographies.

Why would I transition to Aginity Amp from Workbench?
1. High costs and lengthy development cycles
Without reusable and sharable queries, code, and analytics, users spend time coding and re-coding for every application and each project countless times.
2. Inconsistency
Slight differences in queries, code, and analytics yield different outcomes, drastically slowing decision-making.
3. Inflexibility
Adding new data for analysis is slow and costly for a company, essentially restricting the organization from analytic execution or operations.

Where can I learn more about Amp?
You can learn more by visiting our Amp product page or by contacting sales below.
Already an Amp user and looking for answers?
Check out our Amp support page below for more answers.
Workbench FAQs
Workbench Users

How do I register for a license? 
Registering for a Workbench license is easy!  Click here for more information on how to register.

How much does Workbench cost?
Aginity Workbench is a freeware product. We simply ask each user registers their own license. More information is at our Help Center page.

Does Workbench support macOS?
No, at this time there is no Workbench support for macOS. More information on Workbench for macOS can be found here.