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Built with your role in mind

Manage and reuse all your SQL

Spend less time re-coding your SQL and more time reusing it

Your SQL is now object-oriented

Aginity Pro is the best way to make SQL objects easily reusable

Your Personal SQL Search Engine

Your SQL is now more visible and easily reusable so you spend less time rewriting lines of code

  • Your SQL is no longer tucked in files where it’s often hard to find
  • Search across your entire SQL query history and personal catalog
  • Understand why you wrote the code in the first place by adding rich titles and descriptions

Keeping Your SQL Consistent is Easy

Code updates are inevitable.  It’s hard to remember all the places where a change in one place will impact other analysis.  With Aginity Pro, when you make a change to SQL in your catalog, all dependent analytics will automatically be updated too.

  • Update code in one spot
  • Any updates will propagate to all dependent analytics
  • Rerun your analyses quickly with your code changes

What is an analytics catalog?

A Personal Repository for All Your SQL

Organize your SQL catalog the way your work

  • Split up your catalog into separate folders by database connection, data grains, projects, or whatever makes the most sense to you
  • Categorize each bit of code as a query, calculation, or relationship so you can easily identify what you need
  • Put context and description around your SQL so you know where to best use it

One Tool, Multiple Data Platforms

Connect to your favorite analytical databases and use your SQL

  • Choose your database connection and then execute your SQL to analyze the data
  • Use database specific objects such as external tables
  • Leverage specific database code dialect and capabilities

Connect to Your Analytic Data Platforms

Analyze data from your favorite databases

Data Platforms Coming Soon



Google Big Query

Apache impala



Maria DB

Get Started with Aginity Catalogs

Import our toolkits and getting started catalogs from Github into Aginity Pro/Premium, giving you instant access to hundreds of useful SQL utilities, queries and snippets

Aginity is here to help 🤘

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We have real people here to help

We have real people here to help with your subscription to Aginity Pro. You’ll have access to our online Customer Success resources, specifically focused on helping you become a more productive SQL expert.

We’ll provide best practices, strategy and online training sessions to make sure you’re maximizing all Aginity Pro has to offer.

Customer Success

Get up and running in no time

Deploying and using Aginity Pro is a breeze. Download and install Aginity Pro for your Windows or MacOS environment.  Once you register and connect to a data platform, you can start immediately writing SQL.

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Need some help?

There’s a help and support document for just about everything in our product. Check out support.aginity.com or take a look at our product documentation anytime you need.

Become a SQL expert and learn more tips and tricks from our Product Team and CTO during Aginity Office Hours.

Our Customer Support team is always available to help, just drop them an email at support@aginity.com.

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In our Aginity Community you can learn from other Aginity customers and network with your SQL analyst peers. To join, simply go to the Aginity Community and sign up with your email address.

Check out our SQL tutorials to help you on your way to becoming a SQL expert and rockstar analyst!

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