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Jacque Istok, VP of Data at Pivotal
“Aginity provides the only truly optimized for MPP SQL development tool, which has long been appreciated by Greenplum users. With Aginity Pro and Aginity Premium’s new SQL analytics curation & collaboration features, Aginity has created a truly compelling enterprise SQL development platform.”
John “JG” Chirapurath, General Manager, Azure Data and Artificial Intelligence
“Aginity’s products, combined with Microsoft, gives customers another option to discover and operationalize analytics across Microsoft’s data management, machine learning and advanced analytics services.”
Tarik Dwiek, Snowflake Director of Technology Alliances
“Aginity offers an innovative way for analytic teams to interact with each other’s code, driving efficiency and consistency. This partnership means that organizations can now easily leverage their analytic assets on Snowflake’s unique cloud-built data warehouse architecture.”

Aginity is Your SQL Foundation


Write SQL in a unique and dynamic coding environment. Use our autocomplete and hotkeys to code faster than ever.


Save SQL to your analytic catalog and reuse it easily by referring to the objects in the code editor, improving consistency and reducing coding time.


Share you analytics with your teammates in a collaborative environment by providing permissions and access to use your code.

Reuse Your Code. Empower Your Team.

Aginity Pro

Reuse your SQL. Don't recode it.

Aginity Premium

Share your team's SQL.

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Built with your role in mind

SQL Analysts

Use your SQL in a whole new way

Save queries, relationships, and snippets once for reuse in SQL statements. Find previous work in query history or your catalog. Describe code with rich titles and descriptions help you remember why you wrote it in the first place.

Data Engineers

Maintain your data warehouse 

Create data models and schemas. Analyze data across database platforms. Reuse—don’t recode—your common SQL logic.

Business Analysts

Produce consistent reports quickly

Spend less time rewriting SQL and more time reusing it. Define, document, and save common analytics in your personal catalog. Efficiently re-run analysis and reports with consistent results.

Data Scientists

Spend less time data wrangling

Develop reusable features to train machine learning models. Create flexible commonly used data cleansing SQL. Use your SQL as objects to make complicated queries more simple.

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